JAS Emerging Investigator Award

Announcing the SAS and JAS Emerging Investigator Award

The Society for Archaeological Sciences (SAS) and the Journal of Archaeological Science (JAS) have partnered in a new initiative to highlight and celebrate the key role of early career researchers in advancing archaeological science. The purpose of the award is to promote and acknowledge research excellence among early career scientists and provide an international venue for publication of significant work. The research must have a notable impact in the field of archaeological science.

Manuscripts must be nominated for consideration for the award upon submission to JAS. The manuscript will be peer-reviewed by external reviewers as per JAS ordinary procedures. The Emerging Investigator Award will be selected by the SAS Executive Board and senior editors of JAS after evaluating the group of nominated and published manuscripts. Nominations will be considered once per year. All nominated papers with a publication date in 2019 will be considered, and the award announcement will take place early in 2020. Manuscripts submitted in one year but published in a different year will be rolled over for later award consideration (e.g. submitted 2019, published 2020, eligible for award announced in 2021).

The winning article will be widely promoted and made available for free from JAS for one year. The Emerging Investigator author will be highlighted by The Society for Archaeological Sciences and the Journal of Archaeological Science, and will receive a prize of USD $500.


  • The applicant will have made the major contribution to the research paper, as indicated by being first author or equal first author (either directly by author order or by formal written acknowledgement by all other authors).
  • The applicant must have been awarded their PhD or highest academic degree within the previous 8 years at the time of manuscript submission. If there have been significant career interruptions these should be noted by the submitting author at the time of nomination.

Submission and Nomination

  • Authors should simply indicate their willingness to be considered for the award by using the tick box on the JAS online submission system when the manuscript is submitted for initial review. Manuscripts not ticking this selection on the website will not be considered.

Assessment Criteria

An assessment of the applicant’s work will be made by an evaluation panel appointed by The Society for Archaeological Sciences and the Journal of Archaeological Science, primarily based on:

  • Innovation and originality of the research
  • Impact or potential impact on the field of archaeological science

For additional information on this award, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Awardees of the Society for Archaeological Sciences
and Journal of Archaeological Science Emerging Investigator Award

 We are proud to announce that the Journal of Archaeological Science and Society for Archaeological Sciences Emerging Investigator Award for 2019 has been awarded to Hector Orengo and Arnau Garcia-Molsosa, for their paper “A brave new world for archaeological survey: Automated machine learning-based potsherd detection using high-resolution drone imagery” (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jas.2019.105013). The panel commended the visionary combination of drone-based photogrammetry, machine learning and parallel computing in an open source environment, with the potential to revolutionize traditional field survey methods.