Apostolos Sarris, Laboratory of Geophysical - Satellite Remote Sensing & Archaeoenvironment, Institute of Mediterranean Studies, Foundation of Research & Technology Hellas, Melissinou & Nikiforou Foka 130, P.O. Box 119, Rethymnon 74100, Crete, Greece; tel (30)-831-25146, (30)-831-56627; fax (30)-831-25810; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Born in Chania, Crete, Greece in 1963. He received a B.A. in Astronomy & Physics (1985) and M.A. in Physics (1988) at Boston University (1985) and a M.Sc. (1990) and a Ph.D. in Physics (1992) at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Since then he became active in education and research, being a contracted lecturer at the University of Maryland (European Division), the National Hellenic Airforce Academy, the University of Crete, the Technological Educational Institute of Crete and the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki.

Currently he is a researcher at the Institute for Mediterranean Studies - FORTH and director of the Laboratory of Geophysical and Satellite Remote Sensing & Archaeo-environment. The Lab is part of the Association of Geographic Information Laboratories of Europe (AGILE) and of EPOCH consortium. His research interests span from Applied Geophysics and Remote Sensing to Geophysical Prospection of Archaeological Sites, Site Assessment and Modelling through the Application of Remote Sensing/GIS techniques, Satellite Remote Sensing, Image Processing, Classification techniques and Environmental Research-Development Strategies. Until now he has organized, planned and participated in more than 100 geophysical/satellite remote sensing/GIS/GPS projects in Greece, U.S.A., Cyprus, Hungary, Albania, and Egypt. He has written 4 chapters in books, 1 Proceedings Volume, 34 refereed journal papers, 48 refereed papers in books of proceedings, 12 in non-refereed journals, 70 Technical Reports, 3 Technical Guides/Notes.

He is acting as an Assistant National representative in the Scientific Committee for Peace and Safety of Safety of ΝΑΤΟ (ΝΑΤΟ/Committee on Science for Peace and Security/SPS) (2006-2010), vice-chair of the International Society for Archaeological Prospection (ISAP), and associate editor of the Society for Archaeological Sciences Bulletin and of Archaeological Prospection Journal.