Michael R. Waters, Associate Editor

In this column I will (1) explore educational programs in geoarchaeology and where to find information about these programs and (2) discuss organizations dedicated to geoarchaeology.

Educational Programs

For students interested in studying geoarchaeology there are a number of excellent graduate programs available across the United States and Canada. These programs are listed in the Directory of Graduate Programs in Archaeological Geology and Geoarchaeology. This guide is now in its tenth edition and was recently updated in October 1997. This directory was first started by George (Rip) Rapp. For years, George Rapp updated this guide annually. In 1996, responsibility for updating and publishing this directory was passed to the Education Committee of the Geological Society of America’s Archaeological Geology Division.

The directory contains information on twenty-seven geoarchaeology programs. Some programs are narrowly focused while others are much broader in scope. Entries for provided by each university that offers a specialization in geoarchaeology or archaeological geology with information about the program including facilities, areas of interest, courses, supporting faculty and contact people. This guide is intended to help prospective graduate students find an appropriate geoarchaeology program. This directory is available free to any student or person requesting a copy. Send requests to: Rolfe Mandel, Dept. of Geography, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS 66045-2121 or contact Rolfe Mandel via email at mandel@


Students and professionals should also be aware that there are two organizations with a special interest in geoarchaeology or archaeological geology. The first and oldest organization is The Archaeological Geology Division of the Geological Society of America. This Division of the GSA was established by George Rapp in 1977 and has flourished ever since. The Division is the only organized group of geoarchaeologists. The membership has a wide range of specialities covering all fields within the earth sciences. The Division holds a special symposium at the annual GSA meeting, an annual field trip, publishes a newsletter twice a year, and provides scholarships for student travel and research. In addition, the division awards the "Rip Rapp Archaeological Geology Award" annually for outstanding contributions to the interdisciplinary field of archaeology geology. To join the Archaeological Geology Division you must first join the Geological Society of America and then the Division. Membership information can be obtained from the GSA, P.O. Box 9140, Boulder, CO 80301 or 1-800-472-1988.

Within the last year, a "Geoarchaeology Interest Group" was organized at the annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. This group plans to meet annually at the SAA meeting. The purpose of this group is to increase interaction and enhance cooperation between geoscientists and archaeologists. The Group plans to hold organized symposium at the SAA meeting and publish a newsletter. Any interested person may join the Geoarchaeology Interest Group by contacting the Society for American Archaeology (900 Second Street NE #12, Washington, DC 20002-3557; 202-789-8200).

Finally, anyone having news or information that they would like to have shared with the readers of the SAS Bulletin are encouraged to contact me (address on back cover).