SAS Bulletin

Volume 20   Number 1/2   January /June 1997

Special issue of Israel Journal of Chemistry

Vol. 35, no. 2, 1995, žArchaeological ChemistryÓ

Guest editors: Arie Nissenbaum & Stephen Weiner

    Articles include: Metals in ancient Israel: archaeological interpretation of chemical analysis (S. Shalev); High-performance liquid chromatographic analysis of an ancient Tyrian purple dyeing vat from Israel (Z.C. Koren); New heavy isotope studies in archaeology (P. Budd, R. Haggerty, A.M. Pollard, B. Scaife & R.G. Thomas); Stable isotopes of carbon and oxygen as a possible new tool for estimating firing temperatures of ancient pottery (A. Nissenbaum & A. Killebrew); Thermoluminescence dating and the problem of geochemical evolution of sediments - a case study: the Mousterian levels at Hayonim (N. Mercier, H. Valladas, J.L. Joron, S. Schiegl, O. Bar-Yosef & S. Weiner); Mineral assemblages in Kebara and Hayonim Caves, Israel: excavation strategies, bone preservation, and wood ash remnants (S. Weiner, S. Schiegl, P. Goldberg & O. Bar-Yosef); On early myths and formative technologies: a study of Pre-Potter Neolithic B sculptures and modeled skulls from Jericho (Y. Goren & I. Segal); A multi-disciplinary contribution to the provenance determination of ancient Greek and Roman marble artifacts (L. Moens, P. de Paepe & M. Waelkens); Trace element characteristics of central Anatolian obsidian flows and their relevance to prehistory (J. Yellin).
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