SAS Bulletin

Volume 20   Number 1/2   January /June 1997

From the Editor

    The feedback that I have received from my first issue of the SAS Bulletin was mostly positive, so I will continue with this format at least for the near future. Another double-issue (1997 no. 3/4) is scheduled for production in December (and arrival in your mailbox in January). After that, we will return to quarterly issues with production deadlines of March, June, September and December.
    In addition to the new editors that I welcomed last issue, I would like to announce that Mike Waters is the new Associate Editor for Geoarchaeology. Some of our new Associate Editors have columns in this issue; they all need your help in providing material for future issues, so please send them your news. I am especially interested in reviews of conferences which include papers or sessions on archaeological science. If you attend one and would be willing to write a review (even a very brief one), please contact me before you start in order to avoid duplicating someone elseís efforts. Unsolicited book reviews or notes are also welcome, but again, please check with the Book Review Editor (Michael Glascock) first.
    Announcements of employment and fellowship opportunities, research grants, etc. can now be published in the SAS Bulletin in a timely manner, so please forward this information to us. Subscriptions to the Bulletin are available in exchange for newsletters and publications of other organizations; advertising space may also be exchangeable.
    Lastly, we intend to publish reviews or updates on archaeological science within certain political or geographic regions. Suggestions for both reviewers (self-nominations accepted) and regions are welcome.

Robert H. Tykot

September 15, 1997

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