SAS Bulletin
Volume 19 Number 3/4 July /December 1996

From the President

I'd like to thank the SAS membership for electing me to the presidency, or more precisely, for not voting against me as president-elect two years ago. I took over the reigns from Past-President Pat Martin after our business meeting at the recent Society for American Archaeology meeting in Nashville. Pat's able efforts made it easier for me to step into his shoes when I succeeded him as editor of the SAS Bulletin several years ago. I expect to similarly benefit from Pat's experience and advice as I now follow him into the presidency.

I have been a member of the SAS since 1980. (As a graduate student, it was the second professional society I joined.) My own research interests have involved archaeomagnetism and archaeomagnetic dating, geophysical prospection, and radiocarbon geophysics. My work in archaeomagnetism has convinced me that the best archaeometric work always develops as a result of carefully cultivated collaborations between archaeologists and natural scientists. I have been fortunate to find a home for my interdisciplinary interests as a professor at a liberal arts college, and I've always been grateful that my colleagues at Franklin & Marshall tolerate me despite the fact that I'm not an earthquake seismologist. Archaeometry is not always enthusiastically endorsed in the discipline-bound confines of academia: the existence of groups like the SAS are important for the support they give to the work that we do.

Besides being a long-time member, my experience in the SAS has been as assistant secretary-treasurer (1988-1990), secretary-treasurer (1990-1991), associate editor of the Bulletin (1987-1991, meetings calendar), editor of the Bulletin (1991-1995), and president-elect (1995-1997). I have thus had the opportunity to see many facets of our society's operations, and to work with many fine officers and Bulletin personnel past and present.

I have several goals for the SAS that I would like to see accomplished during my tenure as president:

(1) To preside over the next two meetings of the SAS at the annual meetings of the Society for American Archaeology. As a geoscientist with other meetings to attend, I have not in the past attended this meeting every year. Minutes of our business meetings will be published in the Bulletin, and made available through our web site.

(2) To see that the business of the society is conducted according to the by-laws in an orderly and timely fashion. I look forward to working with Rob Tykot to get the SAS Bulletin back on track as the only regularly published bulletin/newsletter covering the entire field of archaeometry. Annual reports of our vice presidents will be published in the Bulletin and on our web page along with our budget.

(3) To work with members of the executive board to give our society a greater visibility in the publications and at the meetings of related organizations.

(4) To have at least one SAS-sponsored symposium at every SAA meeting.

(5) To make our society more international, through membership, composition of the executive board and of the Bulletin editorial board, and involvement in international meetings such as the Archaeometry Symposium

(6) To support the infrastructure of archaeometry, through development of further volumes in the Plenum Press series on Advances in Archaeological and Museum Science, encouragement of students of archaeometry, and discussions concerning the teaching and funding of archaeometry.

I have found my SAS associates to be among the colleagues I most enjoy seeing at the professional meetings I attend. Good people make for a good society! I look forward to working with officers, editors and members alike to strengthen our society during the next two years.

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